After School Program Registration

Considering to take part in our After School Program?
One time registration fee of $100 includes a uniform, t-shirt, and patches for after school.
Please select the number of days you wish to participate in the After School Program. Your price will vary depending on this.
– 3 Days/Week = $105/week
– 4 Days/Week = $120/week
– 5 Days/Week = $130/week

The After School Program takes place only at the Santa Clarita location! *

After your purchase for registration, you will be able to go to the user dashboard to download the full After School form.  The form below is for pre-registration purposes and is a short version of important details.  Please print out proof of purchase (email receipt), fill out the full registration form for record purposes, and hand it over to an instructor.
To cancel your After School enrollment, go to your user’s dashboard, select “subscriptions”, and cancel your After School Program Registration.

Important Notice & Disclaimer:
Products on this site may only be purchased one at a time. This is to ensure that any coupons you receive from us will give you the appropriate discount.  You are responsible for using the correct coupon for the correct student that is contracted to have the appropriate discount.  Failure to do so will result in compensation charges to make up the full fee required.  The store manager of this site must whitelist your account in order for you to use specific coupons.
If you have any questions or believe you are eligible for a coupon, contact us at

By enrolling in the After School Program you understand the following:
1. Refunds and credits will only be provided if The ONE TaeKwonDo is notified before absence

2. Uniforms, safety gear, tournaments, seminars, testing, and other special events are not included in this agreement and are separate fees

3. I, the undersigned members, hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the strenuous physical exercise involved in the participation of the Camp offered by the sponsors. I hereby consent to hold the sponsors free of any and all liability, claims, or action whatsoever, arising from any injuries, accidents, illness, etc due to the attendance at The ONE TaeKwonDo’s Camp and extracurricular activities.

4. The enrollee or member irrevocably authorized the Center, its successor and assigns and those acting under its authority to copyright, use publish for art, advertising, trade, or any other lawful purpose whatsoever, photographic portraits, pictures, videotapes of Enrollee(s) in which Enrollee(s) may be included in whole or in part.

5. I hereby consent to allow the sponsor to take such action as necessary to contact and provide emergency medical assistance. The undersigned hereby enrolls my son and/or daughter for The ONE TaeKwonDo Camp. The undersigned for the purpose of enjoying the benefits of instructions agrees to the below conditions:

  • I pledge to take care at all times to avoid injury to my fellow classmates and myself
  • I pledge never to use the knowledge gained from The ONE TaeKwonDo camp, except to protect the honor of the defenseless and myself
  • I understand that I must stay with my team at all times and will contribute to the team spirit as well as help my team unite as a group
  •  I the undersigned upon being permitted to join The ONE TaeKwonDo camp will obey the rules, will endeavor to conduct myself in the manner of a student in TaeKwonDo in my daily life and in class, and will never to anything to bring disgrace upon the art. I am fully capable of reading and understand English. I have answered everything truthfully and completely. I hereby swear that I will faithfully fulfill my duty.
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